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Bamon Please!!!

Ok so there are only two Bamon fics I've come across that are actually worth reading. The problem is that they're both WIP and the authors haven't updated in like a billion years. The first one is "Effervescent" by RoseGoldExile and the second is "Adverse Effect" by Farie Insignias. They are both on fanfiction.net and if you haven't read them...PLEASE DO!!! Like...NOW!!! Anyway I'm looking for any Bamon fics that I may have missed? If y'all can help that would be great. Here is what I look for.

1. I like for it to start off where they hate each other at first but something causes one of them to look at the other differently.

2.I like for Damom to be resistant to admit his feelings for Bonnie...

3. I like it when one doesn't know the others feelings have changed and wonders why they are acting weird.

4. I like when Damon gets possessive over Bonnie.

Thank you all in advance for your help!!!0

Damon/Stefan Gen and Slash

Hi guys!

I'm new here, so...we'll see how this goes!

I'm looking for any fics that show Damon/Stefan brotherhood. I don't see enough of that in the show.

Also, any fics where Damon/Stefan are together. Au or not, I don't care. But I would like it where it's not a "in the moment" thing. I want them to actually be together

Thanks guys!

Desperately searching for Damon/Stefan fic

I’m searching for a Damon/Stefan (Salvatorecest - incest) fic, as the title says:

  • It's based entirely on the books, if I remember correctly, as they were described differently than they appear in the show

  • I think they’re in Italy? Damon owns a nightclub in which humans come in to be fed on by vampires, I believe

  • If my memory serves right, they live together in a luxury condo with huge bay windows but I might be mixing two fics together

  • I think there might have been a sort of dominance play between the brothers, Damon being the dominant one

I have other fuzzy details but as I’m gonna leave it at that for the moment

Does that ring any bells, for anyone?

Damon Slash with Bottom Damon

Hey everybody so ive noticed that the last post was in like june but i still want to give this a try because i really want to read some bottom damon slash any and all fics that you know of with damon being the bottom i will read anything with bottom damon their is seriously not enough bottom damon in this fandom so if anybody could rec me some stories id be really thankful. If anybody is reading this please i need bottom damon in my life!!!


I was wondering if anyone knows of a story where Elena becomes pregnant by a human, no vampire right before Klaus enters the story line to break the curse and create his hybrids or right before Stefan and Damon even enter the picture. Please let me know if there is such a story anywhere. Thanks.
It seems that Chapter 1 for this story was deleted and the author is no longer active.  I am hoping that someone has it available and would be willing to share it.

I appreciate your time.  Thanks in advance.
In this story Marcel kidnaps Katherine and then Caroline. I remember in this story that when Elijah finds out I think he destroys a room. Klaus and Elijah confront Marcel, I remember Caroline saying to Klaus "What the hell did you do now,Klaus?" Marcel is even attacked by Elijah I think. I remember the room thing is in Rebekah's POV. I also remember Marcel saying "Do you know the story of Katherine Pierce" or something like that. Katherine is taken first before Caroline. Also when they kidnap Caroline and she is locked in a dungeon with Katherine she thinks Katherine is Elena and katherine says"Guess again Blondie." The baby hasn't been born yet.It was published 2013 and last updated November or Decemeber 2013. Its in fanfiction.net by the way.

If you can help me it would be awesome.


Damon/Stefan slash

Hey! I'm looking for a fic that has to do with Damon and Stefan, I don't really remember that much about it, just that it ends, specifically, with the quote "you want to freeze this moment and put it on repeat for the rest of your damaged eternity." This was a beautiful fic, and I've been looking for it for a very long time.

Thank you!

Movie based fics?

Hi first time posting in here so hope I'm doing this right.
I'm a huge fan of fics based on movies especially if they're well written.
Looking for a list or links of fics and prefer Delena pairing.
Any genre rating (I don't mind how raunchy they ate either lol)


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